We made it to Salt Lake!

We got up this morning with the intention of leaving the house by 8:00, at about 8:40 we were on our way...I figure, better late than never, right. Plus, we had no time frame for today, so it was all good. Tomorrow we have to be to Primary to check in by 8:00, but we are staying just about 2 blocks from there, so that's convenient. My Dad & Sue decided to come up today as well, so that they can be here for Carla's procedure in the morning. We had a nice dinner at TGI Fridays and then came back to the room and visited for a while. Carla got a little too excited and threw up, but it was just a matter of running around like a crazy person after dinner, so she will be fine. We finally got her down a little after 10. Here are some cute pictures from tonight :)

Taking a ride on the baggage carrier.
Carla, being adorable at dinner.

Carla and her Daddy

Carla with Grandma Sue :)

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