Praying for a Miracle

Grandma Morgan called me the other week asking if we would mind it if she set up a healing ceremony for Carla. We figure the more prayers the better, so yesterday we met at the church and prayed for a miracle. It was a nice little ceremony and I was very amazed that Carla just sat quietly the whole time. The priest even put oil on her and everyone came up and laid their hands on her in prayer. I was worried she was going to freak out, but she didn't . She just sat there quietly. It was pretty awesome. Afterwards, Bobby, Carla and I went out to lunch at at the Jade Garden with my Dad. It was really nice :) Carla was quiet through church, but as soon as it was over started talking a mile a minute! She doesn't ever seem to be at a loss for words...even if they are words that she made up ! At lunch Dad was talking to Bobby and I and she told him that he needs to "stop talking" and that he just needs to listen to her. Can way say center of attention! Don't worry...we're trying to reign her in, although, I'm not sure how successful we will be. You have to remember, she spent the whole first month of her life lying in a bed, while everyone just gathered around and watched her sleep. If ever she opened her eyes we would get so excited and make such a big deal about her.... I think she might be destined to be the center of our universe....

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