Pleural Effusion is back :(

We were so sad yesterday when we went to our one week check up since getting Carla's pleural effusion sucked out...the darn thing is back and just about as big :( She seems fine, but now we are just waiting to hear from SLC as to what the next plan is. I have a feeling we will be taking a trip to see all of our favorite docs at Primary Children's Hospital, and that makes me sad. We were really hoping that we could just be living a normal life by now. Carla's Cardiologist thinks the effusion came from the pneumonia in February, but I'm not convinced. I think that she has had it since she got that bad cold at the tail end of August last year....because that's when her mysterious cough started. Of course we have no x-rays from that period of time. The only x-rays we have are from February. I have to tell you I am a little bit pissed about that. But on the other hand, that need not be my focus. Right now we have to focus on moving forward and getting Carla better. Dr. R. said that we probably won't hear back from PCH until after Memorial Day weekend. I guess 12 oz of water on my daughter's right lung isn't as important as the holiday weekend. But ok....like I said, I need to be positive.

On another note: I had a dream last night that I was trying to escape a chaotic trailer house...we were running from something and then I had to climb up a rock embankment and as I got close to the top, a huge tiger leaped onto me and was hanging on to my leg with his claws...I tried to kick him off but only managed to kick off my shoe....feeling helpless but hanging on for dear life.....at that point I woke up, thank God!

Love, Jen

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