A lot going on...

Because of the whole pleural effusion incident, I ended up not even reporting about what a nice weekend I had when my best friend, Jenny, came to visit from Washington last Thursday through Sunday! It was so nice to see her and we mostly just did a lot of visiting, laughing and acting like dorks together...but isn't that what best friends are for? It was so nice to have that time with her. Friday we went to Helena and were able to have lunch with and visit her family for the day. Saturday night was Bobby's Metal Steel gig and Katy and her husband, Bill, drove up from Helena and went to the show with us. In general we had an amazing time and I can't believe it has only been a week since then...I think I've aged about 2 months...oh well, such is life as a heart Mom!

I just took a little break from this entry to give Carla all of her morning meds and it occurred to me that I don't think I have told you all that Carla gives herself her meds now a days. I draw the medicine up in the syringe, hand it to her and she pushes it in ALL BY HERSELF! What a big girl!!!

Also!! I don't think I let everyone know that Cody Bear finally got his learner's permit. So, we can legally let him drive us around. I have to say, Cody is a very good driver. We are super proud of him.

We haven't heard from SLC as of yet, but don't expect to until after Memorial Day. I will keep you all posted on that! Happy Friday!!! I hope you all enjoy your weekend. I am going to Helena to see my Dad's band play at the Staggering Ox from 6 to 9 p/.m. and then driving to Great Falls to watch my honey play until around 1:00! Should be a lot of fun! We are so blessed! Love, Jen

p.s. I can't wait to get pictures of Carla dancing to my Dad's band!!!

Cody gets his learners permit.
Taking Dad for his first legal drive.

Jenny's sister Sara, Me & Jenny - Two of my favorite people!

Carla Tootie on the porch.

Ready to rock out, 80s style....

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