Little Miss Sick Toot

Little Miss Carla Tootie is having a heck of a time getting over this terrible cough of hers! So, this morning (even though it is Saturday) I called her cardiologist, at home. He prescribed an antibiotic and we are hoping that it does the trick and that Carla can get the pleural effusion taken off Monday morning. They were originally shooting for Tuesday, but then called and said we were scheduled for Monday at 8a.m. (which means we have to be there by 7). We will keep our fingers crossed...but at this point it's a stretch. So, if you all can can get the prayers flying maybe we can get this done on Monday....otherwise, I'm not so sure. Pray, pray, pray!!!

Love, Jen

Sliding this morning at the park.

Friday morning at the hospital with Papa.

Snuggling on the couch Thursday afternoon.

Being cute this afternoon.

Us girls....hanging out this afternoon.

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