Cardiologist appointment

So, we took Carla back to her cardiologist this morning for more chest x-rays. Unfortunately, there has been no change in Carla's pleural effusion, so we will be hearing back from them shortly on when they will be taking that liquid off of her lung. I say the sooner we get it done with the better. I cannot believe that she has been functioning (and well I might add) on 1/2 a heart and 4 oz of water on her right lung. Good grief. Get it out of there!

Day before yesterday Carla started with her mysterious cough again...because of the cough her O2 reading was only at 83 this morning. Here's to hoping that improves quickly. Because Carla was coughing last night...and then decided to get up around 4:49 this morning, I am running on about 5 hours of sleep. So, I'm going to go take a nap! I do have some cute pictures that I want to post, so will be doing that later on. :) Jen

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