The band job...

Friday night I took Carla to Helena to see my Dad play a gig. She loved dancing to her Grandpa's music and had a ball! She even spun around and round until she fell down a couple of times....do you remember doing that when you were a kid? I do. After the gig Carla spent the night with my Dad & Sue and then they brought her home Saturday morning. After my Dad's gig I drove to Great Falls and went to Bobby's gig. It was a blast and I can't wait until next time!

As far as Carla's health goes...she is doing just fine. Her cough has gone away and I am hoping that it stays away. She doesn't seem to be in any pain and is full of P and V. We are just waiting to find out what the docs want to do about all the water on her lung, but I feel very hopeful and confident that she will get better and be better than ever!

Yesterday and today Roger and Thomas came over and helped fix our front porch...it was bowing and needed a little TLC. Cody did a lot of work to help them out and Bobby pitched in too. It is looking good now and I thank the guys for busting their butts for 2 days to get it done! Next project...the railings! Actually...next project, Carla's bedroom window...yes the gigantic sunburst window in Carla's room....I discovered a giant crack in it last night. My first thought "Are you frickin kidding me?!" But we will get it fixed...just one of the many joys of owning a home. Earlier this week it was the oven...how is it that a 6 year old house can have so much maintenance. I told Bobby we are going to have to have to get a new one and then move every 3 years if we want to avoid maintenance....yes I am kidding ;)

Dad, playing his guitar...I love my Dad SOOOOO much!!!!
Carla enjoyed going up to the stage and talking to Grandpa in between songs :)

Carla found a friend!!! Payton was her name and she was so sweet and good with Carla. These two had a lot of fun together.

Carla cuddling Grandma she LOVES her Grandma Sue :)


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