Back to the hospital

We are checking back into the hospital Friday morning at 7:30 a.m., so that the doctors can drain the water off of Carla's right lung. We were all hoping that Carla's body would absorb the extra water on its own...but it has been there since February, so enough is enough! It is time to get that water out of there, before it starts causing trouble!

They explained to us that they will sedate her and then insert a tube (much like the ones that they put in her after heart surgery) in between her ribs in the back and move that tube around, while using ultrasound, until they get all the water out. Please pray for a successful, complication free procedure. If everything goes well we should be released that afternoon. If for some reason they want to monitor her longer we will spend the night at the hospital. Here are a couple of pictures from April 23rd and 25th....it was a lot nicer out then!

Love, Jen

Watching the bubbles...

This is fun!
It's pretty bright out!

Auntie Marlene, blowing her candles out. We had her birthday party on the 25th, but her birthday was actually the 28th.

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One Happy Heart Family said...

So sorry! Praying things go great!!! Is the cough from the fluid in her lungs? I remember you posting something about the gunky cough and milk products? Kylie has been getting the cough when she eats milk products so I was wondering what you though????
I think all heart kiddos are defiant! Kylie is horrible she sounds just like Carla!!! She is starting to potty train (20months) I am not pushing her or anything she just want to go! I let her run around nakey when it's just us and she knows to go in her potty! She was running around the kitchen yesterday (nakey of course lol) and she had to go :S She found the 1st best thing, Her playground bucket, it was so funny I couldn't help but laugh! Good Luck it's a hard one!! I know Kylie gets whatever she wants so we are in trouble in the future!! Praying things go awesome tomorrow and she gets feeling better ASAP!!! :0)