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When we went to see Carla's Cardiologist on March 24th her plural effusion had not changed since February. We have another appointment for a chest x-ray coming up next Tuesday, on April 20th. I am so curious as to what is going on in there... Carla seems like she has a lot of energy back, but does have a little bit of a plural effusion cough, so I'm assuming we are not rid of it.

Last Wednesday we participated in a healing ceremony. On the way home from the ceremony Carla started coughing and coughing. I think she may have been irritated from the ointment that they rubbed on her forehead and hands, but we of course don't know for sure. Bobby's Mom keeps telling me that what she is experiencing is asthma. And, back in November the pediatrician said she had asthma, but when we took her to the heart doc the next day we discovered that she was in congestive heart failure and doubled up on Carla's pee pee meds. At that time the Cardiologist said that she had a bronchial irritation, to give her the inhaler 3 times a day for 10 days and see how she did. She got better, until right before Christmas. After Christmas she quit drinking milk and the mysterious cough went away... until March.... Cody had gone to get his hair cut and they put a smelly hairspray or something in his hair....Carla started coughing and sneezing in the car and then the same exact cough was back, for 3 days. At this point I am at a quandary as to what the real problem is. Does she have an allergy to scents, does she have a dairy allergy, is she in congestive heart failure? I don't know...what I do know is that I am exhausted. Exhausted trying to figure out how to keep my darling daughter healthy and without the mysterious cough...as well as exhausted in general.

As for life in the Wright house, things are good in general. Carla grows and changes so much every month. It is so hard to believe that she is now 3. Carla and Cody grow closer all the time. Yesterday after the cat scratched her she cried for him. I thought that was so sweet. She is growing and learning and becoming such a sweet, determined little girl. She says things like "Good idea, let's try it!"; "That's a good plan"; and "Poop, pee Broadwater, that's disgusting!" (I told her that we would go to the Broadwater to go swimming after she was potty trained... Potty training a daughter on 2 diuretics twice a day is quite a challenge.... Anyway things are good and I am so thankful for my Little Wright Family every day. I love all of our family so much and thank the Lord for them every day.

Love, Jen


The Smith's said...

Hi Jen-

Boy do I know the woes of pleural effusions. I hate them! I am sorry that Carla still seems to be battling to get rid of hers. I will pray for a crystal clear x-ray. I'm glad her energy seems to be coming back but I can also understand the frustration of not being able to narrow down the cause of her cough. I remember that feeling when we hadn't yet diagnosed his milk protein allergy.

I hope your family has a great weekend and we are thinking of you!


Casa de Croft said...

Jen-I'm sorry you are having a hard time nailing down the root of Carla's cough. My children all have allergies and asthma. So far, my middle daughter seems to suffer from it the worst. In fact, we are in the middle of another battery of tests with her. I wonder if asking for allergy testing for Carla would help you narrow things down. Not being totally familiar with the medical-ese involved in her situation, I don't know if it's a possibility. You can get food and environmental scratch tests done to find out the allergens. I do keep you all in my prayers. Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you or if you are interested in hearing how that department has gone for my children. I'll bet you feel like you should have your MD by now with all of the things you have been through together. Hang in there. I'm thinking of you!