Three Years Old!!!

It is so hard for me to believe that my sweet baby girl has turned 3 today...although I feel as though I have aged about 10 years! I should have something profound to write about but today I am mostly just focused on hanging out with my little sweet toot and celebrating her birthday! She opened presents this morning, went to visit her Grandma Wright & Uncle Tom and then went into town with Cody and I to buy a birthday cake. And, of course we had to stop at McDonalds and get her fries and chicken nuggets! When we got home she took a really long nap, woke up, dyed eggs, at chicken noodle soup at her new table and then proceeded to ask me for chili-mac. So, I am making chili-mac (hey, it's her birthday!) Cody and Bobby should be home soon and I think after we eat we will sing her happy birthday and let her have a little bit of cake and ice cream before bed. Tomorrow we will have breakfast with grandparents Wright and Uncle Tom and open some more presents!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET PRINCESS CARLOLLYPOP!!!

Carla, opening a couple of presents (which are on her new Tinkerbell table).
Having fun in her Sleeping Beauty dress and bling...

Little Beautiful.

Hangin on her Big Girl Princess bed that she got for her birthday.

Coloring Easter eggs.

Here she is trying to hold up 3 fingers ;)

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One Happy Heart Family said...

Happy Birthday Carla!!! I love the princess dress!! She looks so tiny in her big girl bed!!! It's funny you posted you feel 10 years older because thats how I feel ;0S crazy how having a heart kiddo makes you feel. Glad she had a great Birthday!! 3 thats so great!!!