Saturday morning we celebrated Carla's 3rd Birthday, for the third time. It's hard when everybody has a different schedule! But, Carla didn't seem to mind 3 days of cake, ice cream and presents...followed up by Easter! Speaking of Easter - Carla participated in her very first outdoor Easter egg hunt. I put her in her running shoes and expected her to just tear it up!!! Um, no. First the horn, which started the hunt, scared the crap out of and confused her...then all the other kids running around became much more interesting than the idea of picking up eggs...too funny! Coming from a somewhat competitive family we started joking about how we were going to train her all year for next year's Easter egg hunt...she'll be running, throwing elbows and taking on that hunt next year! Hee hee... Anyway, we had fun. After the hunt we went to Bobby's Auntie's house for a delicious dinner. Bobby went to work at 3:00 and by 3:30 Carla and I were napping and Cody was off to the gym to practice.

Carla blows out her candle...(Cody and Tom look like they may be helping).
Carla in her Tinkerbell outfit from Uncle Tom.

So sweet.

Carla, hunting eggs...

Uncle Tom helps.

Tom gets the pleasure of carving the bird.

Carla, with her Easter present from Grandparents Wright.


Cody, being a stinky teenager...watching basketball and texting...

Carla & Daddy, playing with her very cool new toy.

Carla, holding Cody on her feet so that he could "fly".

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