Cardio Appt & Our little Tom-Girl

So, we went to see Dr. Ruggerie on Tuesday...they took 3 x-rays and then we came back, had her pulse ox and other vitals taken and then the doc told us the news. Good news first - Carla's oxygen level was at 90%, which is the highest it has ever read at the doctor's office. Secondly, Carla's pleural effusion is exactly the same as it has been since February. The news took me a little off guard, because she has been so much more pink lately, and full of energy. It is hard to imagine that she is running around, pink as could be, like a little chicken with her head cut off, with 4 oz of water on her right lung. Weird. So, the plan is to see Dr. R. again on May 4th for more x-rays, if nothing has changed we will set a date in May to extract the water. Now more than ever it is important that we pray that Carla's body absorbs the extra water on her right lung, so that she doesn't have to go through them sedating her and pulling the water off her lung.

In other news...Bobby's folks have been working on putting their lawn in this week. So, we have been visiting them along the way. During these adventures Carla has gotten to play in rocks, play in water, get pushed around in a wheel barrel, walk around on balance beam width cement like it was her very own balance beam and just generally do all the little tom-girl things that she has never had a chance to do before. During these adventures Carla also got to experience her first double knee scrape. She cried a little bit but when she found out that she was going to get 2 band-aids she was pretty thrilled!

In potty news...our potty training adventures have been pretty unsuccessful...yesterday when we put Carla down for her nap she pooed in her diaper, took it off and proceeded to try and clean herself off...fun!!! Later in the afternoon she decided to go outside and pee in the flower bed...and then later in the evening when I went to use my bathroom I find her dolly in the toilet. To to recap - she's crapping in her bed, peeing in the flower bed and throwing her dolly in the toilet! I think she may be a little confused! Or defiant.

Speaking of defiance! I think she has also gotten to a place in her life where it is VERY important for Carla to assert her authority! She seems to want to do the opposite of the norm at every turn, and then gets mad when I am non compliant with her needs! Example: see above potty training story; as well as the fact that she wants lunch for breakfast every day; doesn't want to take her meds, until she is darn good and ready; and is consistently telling me NO! Good grief. I try to be as flexible as possible but I would be a big fat liar if I didn't admit that the defiance is something that I find a bit challenging!

In Cody news: It looks like Mr. Code-Man will be starting Drivers-Ed on May 3rd - so drivers beware! (All joking aside Cody is actually a very good driver.)

Here are some Tom-girl pictures....
sorting through the rocks...
Playing on her balance beam...and helping Papa. On the beam she was really funny, because she kept going around the house and when she would get a little off balance she would say "I'm in trouble! I'm in trouble!" too funny!

Getting wheeled around.

First double knee scrape....something about this makes me proud (not sure what's wrong with me.)

Showing off her beautiful band-aids.

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Naomi and Paul said...

I am so glad to hear Carla is having a blast being a normal kid! I will pray that the fluid comes off with no issues. Heart hugs and kisses! The Gesler's
God Bless!!!