Tiz the Season to Parrrrtaaay!

Saturday was Prom night in Cascade. Cody's date, Sydney, as well as 2 other couples met at our house for pictures and then headed to Dante's for dinner and to the Prom from there. Us parents then met the kids at Prom for the "Grand March" which is where the kids are all announced and then give everyone a photo op. It's pretty cool. After the kids left our house I hooked up with Sydney's family for dinner, we enjoyed ourselves very much! The kids had an awesome time at the Prom and I can't wait for you to scroll down and see how amazing they looked!

Today we had the first of Carla's 3rd birthday parties! We went to Helena and celebrated with my family. Sue's birthday is Thursday and Carla's is Friday, so we like to celebrate them together. Fun was had by all!

Love, Jen

Cody and his beautiful girlfriend Sydney...the most awesome thing about Sydney is that she is as sweet as she is beautiful...
Nick, Dylan and Cody, all spiffed up.

The girls, looking amazing...

What a good looking bunch of kids!

Carla, inspired by the beautiful girls, decided that she too should be in a princess dress...

Cody & Sydney, with Princess Carlollypop.

The limo arrived...

Carla made sure it was good enough for this amazing group of kids.

Getting ready to head out.

I just think this is so cute!

Getting ready to leave.

Feeling pretty cool!

At the Grand March.

This morning, Carla got all dressed up and cooked me some food in her kitchen...later she decided that her dress was uncomfortable and changed into something more comfy...

Carla & Cody, being sweet.

Cody helping Carla fill the glasses with ice.

Our little Wright Family.

Carla with her Grandparents Morgan.

Grandma Sue and Carla blow out their candles.

Carla and Daddy read her card...

Great Auntie Marlene & Great Great Aunt Bernie.

Great Great Aunt Bernie, Uncle Andy and Great Grandma Morgan watch Carla open her presents.

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