Carla with her "home made" Sponge Bob that I made her the other day :)

Last Monday at Dr. Ruggerie's office.

Jenny and I.

Jenny, Morgan and I !

Here is a picture of Grandpa Harrington (and the rest of the "Greats") on Carla's 1st Birthday.

Carla has, for the most part, gotten better. She still has the plural effusion cough...but that will stick around until the plural effusion dries up, which could take weeks. We see the cardiologist on March 24th for another x-ray.

I spent from Thursday morning until Sunday afternoon near Seattle, visiting my dear friend Jenny and her family. We shopped, went out, played a game, I met her friends and we basically had a nice weekend visiting. I was worried about Carla, but luckily other than Thursday night she did well. Thursday night she had a coughing, puking and pooping night...so I felt really bad that I wasn't there for her, but then Friday she was fine again. Thank God.

Since being away from home is exhausting, I was elated when I was able to take an almost 3 hour nap yesterday while Carla napped. I woke up feeling like a much better person.

My Grandpa Harrington had triple bi pass surgery on Friday. He is up and around and will be transferred from Missoula, where he had the surgery, back to Helena today or tomorrow. They had him up and walking around the same day as surgery, and pulled the vent just as soon as he could lift his head. My Dad said that when the nurse told him that they were going to stand him up later that day (this is the day of surgery) he said "It won't be the first time I've been stood up." Hee hee. Silly Grandpa....even after heart surgery and all drugged up he still has the ability to maintain his wit. I am so thankful that Grandpa is doing well. Love, Jen

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One Happy Heart Family said...

Sorry about Grandpa, it's no fun seeing anyone go through that!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the homemade SpongeBob!! We love that show (well I think I love it more then the kiddos) I have to make one!!! It's adorable!!! Glad Carla is getting better. It's been a crazy winter!! Glad you got to go visit seattle it's always nice to get away oh and like you said exhasting!! Naps are GOOD!!