Bad little blogger!

I've been such a bad little blogger lately! But, in my defense I have been REALLY BUSY!

If you remember, I was in Seattle last weekend and then this weekend we were running all over too! Saturday night Bobby's 80s tribute band was playing a benefit gig in East Helena. So, we were up in Helena for that...which turned out really well. I saw a bunch of old friends and we all had an amazing time!

Carla stayed with her Grandparents Morgan and thoroughly enjoyed herself. Sunday morning Dad, Sue, Carla and I went to visit Grandpa Harrington, who turned 82 on Sunday. He is recovering well from the triple bi-pass and I was so happy to see him.

After our visit with Grandpa, Carla and I took off for Billings to visit my friend Shelly and to pick up Cody from a BPA event. Carla and I spent the night with Shelly and her family and had a lovely dinner at the Olive Garden. Monday around noon we picked up Cody and then drove the 4 hours back to G-Funk (aka Great Falls). We visited Bobby at work, went to Sam's Club and then made our way home by 5:45 p.m. I'm exhausted and ready to stay home for a while!

Bobby ended up with some food poisoning last night and spent the whole night hurking his guts out, etc. - I felt so bad for him! But, the good news is that he seems to be doing better today. Thank God! Tomorrow he has another gig at the 406 Club in G-Funk for St. Patrick's Day. Grandma Wright will be watching Carla for us so that I can go see him play. I am really excited! :)

Metal Steel Rocks the house, Saturday night at a benefit in East Helena!

That's my baby...

The crowd, rocking out...
Bobby and I, before the gig.

Last Wednesday, my adorable daughter :)

Loving on each other...

Mama's little sweetheart....I think she might be starting to look like me :)

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The Smith's said...

You were in my neck of the woods! Cool! If you're ever back here, let me know ... it would be fun to meet in person!

Have a great rest of your week!