The skinny

Here's the skinny: Carla has been moved to the pediatric unit a/k/a Peds (with a long e). The amazing thing about peds is that we have our own room, with a bathroom and shower in the "new" part of the hospital. So, it's pretty fancy digs, compared to the ICU with the prison toilet (no door) it is pretty amazing. There is a nice little area for me, with a rocking chair and everything! I would take a picture but alas, I threw my camera on the floor last night and ever since it doesn't seem to work...wtf. I'm excited that I will be able to take a shower and Carla will be able to bathe as well. Pretty cool. As far as our stay here goes...we have been told that we will be here through the weekend and that Dr. R. hasn't decided whether to tap her lung or not. The problem is that with her right lung being pushed on, it may be bothering her Fontan heart. So, he will have to decide what to do about that...wait it out or put a needle in and suck the water off the area. I'm sure he will make the right decision. Anyway, I had better run. Carla wants me to hold her. Love, Jen

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