In the ICU

Carla caught a cold at Preschool (I think the first day she was there). She had a couple of low grade fevers but then Sunday night was up all night coughing and puking up phlegm. Monday morning she seemed better than the night before. We gave her a really long steamy bath but by Monday afternoon she developed a 102.3 fever. So, I figured she had a sinus infection and made and appointment to take her to the doctor. I figured they could prescribe some antibiotics and send us on our way. But no. Carla's O2 saturation was at 74, so they did a breathing treatment and it only improved to 76. The doctor heard water on the lungs, so ordered an x-ray. Carla has a plural effusion on her right lung. Which, basically means that she has water on the outside of her right lung, in between her lung and her rib cage. This can also be called pneumonia. So, we were admitted to the ICU here in Great Falls. We will be here for a couple days and are hoping that Carla gets well ASAP. They started her on antibiotics last night and she seems to be doing better than she was. Her spunk is coming back, that's for sure. I will let everyone know what Dr. Ruggerie says after we talk to him this afternoon. Please pray that Carla gets well soon. Love, Jen


The Smith's said...

We will be praying! Get well soon, Carla - I know you will. You are such a fighter!

The Simmons Family said...

Oh no! Get better Carla bug. ;(