Guess What?!

I am sitting in a perfectly quiet house right now! Cody is at school, Bobby is sleeping and Carla is attending her first day of 1/2 day preschool! Bobby's folks own a preschool and have a 2 day a week, half day program to get stay at home kids socialized and one step closer to going to kindergarten. Her school days are Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 to 12:00. Conveniently, Roger and Tammy pick her up on their way to work and bring her home after her class...could a girl get more lucky?! I think this is going to be really good for Carla. She has been so isolated from other children, due to our fear of her getting sick. Now that she is past the 6 months post Fontan mark and has had her flu shot & H1N1 shots, we figured it would be alright for her to get a little socializing in! I have to admit I'm a little nervous, but she is better now than she has been in her whole life, so now is the time to let her be a little more "normal".

I also wanted to give an update on the mysterious cough Carla had from the tail end of August through December. I have decided that it is a milk allergy. My Grandma Morgan suggested that it could be a milk allergy, so I quit giving her milk. And guess what, no more mysterious cough... Go figure. We have been so happy that she hasn't been coughing and puking up phlegm for days on end anymore! I'm sure she is even MORE happy!

As for everything else going on - we've just pretty much been plugging along. Cody is coming to the end of his basketball season, just a couple more weeks. Carla is talking more than ever and Bobby keeps himself busy with his bands and work. I am going crazy and don't have any time to myself...but hopefully this 1/2 day preschool 2 days a week will give me the alone time that every human being needs. ....As well as time to update the blog! ;)

Carla and I being silly together last week.
Bobby brought home a couple of balloons for Carla the other night....they were a hit! She LOVES balloons!

Painting the other morning.

This is fun!

Cody's game the other week. Here he is passing the ball to one of his teammates, Dylan.

Here Cody is taking a three point shot.

Carla, last Saturday. What a little silly!

Kind of Hammy....

Where do you think she gets her hammy-ness from?

Could it be Daddy?

Cody, all dressed for his game on Saturday (you wouldn't catch him in a red feather hat).

Taking Cody to school this morning...here he is wishing Carla good luck on her first day of school :)

That's right! I'm going to school today!

Carla's first of many "first day of school" pictures.

With Papa.

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One Happy Heart Family said...

OH how EXCITING!!! I bet Carla just loves pre-school? I can't wait for those "normal" days coming! It's so hard to keep them isolated for so long, but Carla has a fantastic family to take care of her and keep her busy :0) Yea you figured out the cough. Kylie has a milk allergy too! It's so hard because she is not gaining weight and the weight gaining food is mostly dairy! She is still on formula too, (17 months old now) Looks like you guys are just enjoying your busy life! What a handsome young man you have! I can't wait for my boys to be that big LOL