The good news is....

Dr. R. says the good news is that Carla only has pneumonia. I think that is pretty funny. Maybe it is just me but don't you think it is funny to say "the good news" is that your daughter has pneumonia? Well actually, it is good news, because she doesn't have RSV or H1N1. She is, however, not very happy about being here and wants to "go home" she also tells the nurses to "leave" or "go bye bye" Poor little sweet toot. I feel so sad that she is sick and hope so much that she gets better soon. The antibiotics seem to be working well and the doc has started Carla on her "normal" meds as well as what they are giving her via IV. Bobby's Aunt Punky came to visit and brought Carla a teddy bear, tiaras and candy for Mom & Dad. That was so sweet. Bobby's Uncle Bill also came to let us know that he is thinking about our little toot. We appreciate all the love and support we are getting. I have to run for now, Carla needs to "snuggle". Love, Jen

Princess Car-lolly-pop and Mommy.

This morning, feeling a little tired and none to happy.
This afternoon, with her new bear, and her tiaras :)


Aimee Hardy said...

Love the tiaras. That alone should help her recover faster, and if not, at least you're both looking fabulous.

I hope she gets feeling well soon. Our prayers are with you.

One Happy Heart Family said...

OH poor girl!! I hope she gets feeling better ASAP!!! Thats crazy just 1 day at school and she gets sick! I worry about things like that, but where do we draw the line? Love the princess pics!! She is just so adorable!! Praying things go away quickly and she gets to go home! Thats awesome she tells the nurses to leave! This girl know's what she wants! LOL