Getting Closer...

Carla and I spoke to Dr. R. this evening. He said that they will do a chest x-ray in the morning and take out Carla's IV and start giving her her antibiotics and the rest of her meds orally. They plan on releasing her either tomorrow or Saturday! Yay! This afternoon Carla got to play out in the Peds hallway. They have a Little Tikes car that works kind of like Fred Flinstone's car. She enjoyed that very much. When she saw Dr. R. she ran up to him and hugged him. So funny how just a short year ago she thought he was the devil in disguise. Now she tells me that I can't move her oxygen canula because Dr. Ruggerie. Pretty funny.

Anyway, the Badgers lost their basketball game tonight, but Cody had 5 points. They play again tomorrow. So, we will see how that goes.

I am looking forward to going home soon! Can't wait to sleep in my own bed and stay up past 8:30 or 9:00! Tonight is kind of a treat, because the room is a little bigger, so I have a place that I can type or watch TV without really bothering little miss Toot. Also, if I have to use the bathroom I don't have to walk out of ICU and around the corner...so that is so much more convenient too!

I will let you know more when I learn more about what the plan is, how the x-ray looks tomorrow, etc.

Love, Jen

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