Doing well at home...

Carla and I are adjusting very well to being home.  I have kept her on the oxygen through the days, because she has seemed very pale.  But, today she is looking more like herself, so I turned it down from 1/2 a liter to 1/4 of a liter.  She still looks pink, so that is good.  We will turn her back to 1/2 when she sleeps, but I have a feeling that she will be done with the oxygen pretty soon. We see the cardiologist on Thursday and will have an x-ray taken then.  It will be nice to see how her lungs look - I am pretty sure the x-ray is going to have good news! 
In other news, Cody is getting ready for the prom.  He and Sydney were over here yesterday afternoon and he was making reservations for dinner as well as called the limo company to make the reservations for that.  It is so sweet to see him growing up so much.  Our boy is becoming a man and we are so proud.  I can't wait to post prom pictures!  They are going to be SO adorable! 
Love, Jen

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