I have been thinking so much lately about how thankful I am about the way things have gone for us, and for Carla. I see so many other families that haven't been so lucky and I am just so thankful for the gift that we have been given. Carla only weighed 5 pounds 7 ounces....she shouldn't have survived her first surgery, be we didn't know that and apparently neither did she. I remember when we finally got her home thinking that she weighed about as much as a football, and was about that size too! Now I look at my beautiful princess and I just can't believe all she has been through. She is strong and smart and funny. She dances and laughs and learns and loves. She is opinionated, stubborn, quick tempered but just as quick to forgive and start smiling again. What an amazing little being and how blessed we are to get to experience all of this with her.

And then there's Cody. My cup runnith over. I don't think there is a Mom in the world with more love and pride in her heart than I have for our sweet Cody. I can't even imagine a life without him in it and am so blessed to have him as well. Did you know that Cody was only 5 pounds 4 ounces when he was born! He was born about a month early and was a shocker to the whole family. Nobody knew Angie was pregnant, so when she went into labor everybody thought it was her colitis...Nope, it was Cody Bear. When I met him he had just turned 3, just a few months older than Carla is now. I vowed to love him as my own and we have been a family ever since. Bobby, Cody and I have had so much fun over the years....laughing, learning, fighting, teasing, loving and respecting each other. When Carla came along I don't think Cody was quite ready to give up his only child status, but has stepped up to the plate to become quite an amazing big brother. They love each other so much and we are so blessed.

Love, Jen

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