It's baaacckkkk....

That's right, winter is back...with a vengeance! It started snowing Thursday night and didn't quit until sometime in the middle of the night Saturday. Sunday morning we awoke to about a foot and a half of new powder. The wind was not blowing and the sun was shining. It was actually very beautiful...but a lot of work! You see, you don't really realize how large your driveway is UNTIL you have to shovel it! Bobby's folks came over and helped us, which was super sweet of them, and Carla got a chance to play in the snow as we all shoveled away. Watching Carla in the snow reminded me of how much I enjoyed the snow when I was a kid. Funny how driving in and shoveling the snow for years and years makes a person not so keen on snow. Such is life. Everything is exciting and new when you are 2 and 3/4, as you get older things become less exciting, and this is when you need to remind yourself to make an effort to find the blessings, joys and happiness in life. We ended up having a fun time shoveling snow Sunday morning and afterwards I made Chili-mac for the fam :)

Friday night I went to Cody's basketball game against Cut Bank, so I have pictures of that to post. Cut Bank was a very good team, as you will see in the pictures. Saturday it was so snowy that they cancelled his game in Choteau. I'm sure they will be making that game up here pretty soon.

Yesterday was Bobby's work Christmas party, we went and had a very nice time playing pool, eating prime rib, baked potatoes and a whole array of delicious fruit and salad! No pictures of the party, but it was a good time nonetheless.

Grandparents Wright with Carla, this picture reminds me of the farm, pitch fork picture...

Carla, checking out the snow, as we shoveled it.

Carla, enjoying the snow :)

This is fun!

Making a snow angel

Thinking about diving in...

Oh yea, that was fun...

Look at that driveway!

What kind of Montana nerds built a driveway that big?! Oh yea, that would be us :)

Cody, taking a shot last Saturday night during the game against Simms.

Cody, getting double teamed by Cut Bank Friday night.

Getting ready to run a play :)

Cody, bounce passing the ball to Dillion , as Cut Bank double teams him.

Cody, trying to get that ball!

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One Happy Heart Family said...

One word "snowblower" Lol Gosh that is a ton of snow!! I hope we are getting done her in Utah? Carla looks so cute all bundled up in her snow outfit! Love the pictures Thanks for sharing. Good Luck with the snow!!! Maybe it's 2 words? :0)