Basketball and Cardio apt.

We had a pretty low key week. Saturday I dropped Carla off, after her haircut, to spend the night with Grandma & Grandpa Morgan. Later that evening Roger and I drove up to the Rocky Boy Reservation to watch Cody play some basketball. I am telling you, that is quite a drive....had I been alone I would have turned around....you finally find the school about 10 minutes after you think you must have missed it...The Badgers got their butts kicked, but it certainly could have been worse. They played very hard and had some success slowing this team down. I have been very proud of Cody's efforts this year. He has always put more focus on shooting, but this year he is becoming a very well rounded player. He has been doing a good job defending some very impressive ball players. Keep up the good work Cody.

Monday morning we went to see Carla's Cardiologist. She weighed in at 30 pounds and her O2 reading was 90% - the best it has ever been without oxygen. We are going to continue doing what we are doing and will see him again in April. She will be 3 in April - I can't believe how time has flown.

Good ol Mother Nature dropped a bunch of snow and subzero weather Tuesday and Wednesday and I have pretty much been staying inside ever since. Yesterday Cody had a basketball game in Townsend, but I didn't want to brave the ice and snow, so had to stay home. Tomorrow he plays at home, so I am looking forward to seeing that game.

Here are a couple of pictures from last Saturday's game.

Waiting to get that ball...

Getting the ball.... Somebody did something and the play was stopped... I still think he looks pretty cool in this picture though ;)

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One Happy Heart Family said...

Yea for a good news appointment. Who is your card? Just wondering. So glad Carla is growing so fast and 90% that is awesome I can't wait for those days, Kylie is lucky to stay at 80 these days! Your little family is just so adorable. Thanks for letting me share LOL