The Weekend

It was a busy weekend filled with basketball games, hanging out with family, stinky teenagers, a head injury and more!

Friday afternoon I drove Carla up to Helena so that she could spend the night with her Grandparents Morgan. And as I jumped into my car to start it and leave I realized that I must have left something in the car on, because my battery was dead. Called my mother-in-law and she came over so that I could jump the car. Good thing I learned how to jump a car way back in drivers ed 20 years ago... Anyway a half an hour later I was on my way! Dropped off Carla and then came home for a little while before I left for Cody's Friday night game against Boulder. I am sad to say that Boulder kicked the holy living rat crap out of our boys. But, it was so nice to see Cody take it like a man. He thought about the things that he did, could have done better and then started focusing on how he was going to play in Saturday's game. Our son sure is growing up. A few years back he would have acted like a total jerk for the rest of the night. Not 16 year old Cody. I am so proud.

Saturday morning Grandma Sue brought Carla home. We hung out for the morning and then when she took her nap I ran into town, picked up 5 large pizza's at Little Caesars, a 5 gallon Thermos from Edu-care, some paper plates and cups and pink lemonade from Walmart and then came home in time to tend to Carla when she woke up from her nap. Seriously, I am that good ;) After Carla's nap we went to Bobby's folks' house and visited for awhile. I got little miss all settled in to spend the night with her Grandparents Wright and left around 6:00 to have a few minutes to myself before I headed off to the 8:00 game. I arrived early to the game and set up my camcorder (so Bobby can watch the game), got my candy, soda, soft pretzel and was ready to rock! During the first part of the 4th quarter Cody got his bell rung when another player knocked him down and he hit his head on the floor. Poor Cody...he was taken out of the game and then had to sit on the bench while his teammates brought the game to a tie, went into overtime and eventually lost :( boo. To add insult to injury the school told us Cody couldn't play ball again until he had a note from the doctor. Cody had planned on having a gathering of buddies after the game and his head did not come in the way of food, friends and fun. We kept checking for signs of a concussion, and he has seemed just fine.

This afternoon we took Cody to see good ol Dr. Harkness, who cleared him to practice starting on Wednesday. So, that should work out.

In other news I think I may have mentioned in another post that I have switched to using vinegar and water for cleaning purposes, in the hopes that Cara's cough does not return. I have been super impressed with the vinegar and am starting to feel like it has been such a waste of money all these years buying products to clean things when I could have just used vinegar and water! Today I cleaned Cody's bathroom...the nice thing was that 1) I didn't have to wait until Carla wasn't around to clean it, I just busted out the vinegar and starting working; and 2) Now that I'm not using poison to clean, I am able to let Carla join in the fun!!! She is such a big helper!

Love, Jen

Friday night, warming up before the game.

Carla, being a cute toot.

Mama's little helper :)

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