A week in the life...

I know that I have been a bad little blogger when I go to update and I have 24 pictures to post! Holy Cow! We had a pretty busy week. Bobby's cousin Tiffini was visiting from Washington, and her beautiful daughter Isabelle. On Tuesday we visited Tiff, Izzy-B, Auntie Punk, & Tammy at Roger and Tammy's house. Wednesday evening we went over to Aunty's house and Tiff cooked us an absolutely AMAZING dinner. Saturday Carla got to come with me to her first basketball game since she was a baby and then Sunday was a day to celebrate birthdays. Cody, Carla and I went to Helena to celebrate Grandma Morgan's birthday (Bobby had band practice) and then at 6:00 the Wrights got together to celebrate Bobby's birthday. We all had such a nice time.

While we were having lunch in Helena Santa visited our table and brought a gift for Carla, Cody and one for Bobby and I. I was wondering just how naughty everyone else at the table had been, because Santa brought them nothing. ;) Santa told us to go ahead and open our presents today and so we did. Carla got a very cool princess dress up kit, Cody got a gift card to Hastings and Bobby and I got a letter from Santa and his Elves with a donation the letter read as follows:

Dear Wright Family,

I remember growing up my mom once telling me, "Santa will come as long as you believe in him." To this day Santa still comes to our house and I know that it is because I still believe. I don't necessarily have the same vision of Santa that I once did. I now understand that Santa is the idea that giving should happen without expecting anything in return. Santa is a way of encouraging people to never stop hoping and believing that their dreams and prayers will come true as long as they believe it is possible. With that understanding of Santa, we feel it is our mission to share with other families in our community that same power that comes from believing. Although the financial gift that we are able to provide is small, we hope that the greater gift will be that you will never stop hoping and believing.

There are people in this community who you have never met who are praying for health and happiness for your family. You may choose to save this gift for a rainy day, or you may choose to use it to create a lasting family memory.

Blessings in the coming year for your family's health and happiness!

Santa and the Elves

P.S. A special six year old in town wanted to participate so she is sharing her tooth fairy money ($4.00)

I thought this was important to share with everyone, because it is such an amazing showing of human kindness. It is rare that you ever pick up the paper and read about how kind and loving people are, but in all honesty, I think MOST people are good, generous and thoughtful human beings.

Thank you God, for this beautiful world we live in, and all the amazing people who live in it.

Love, Our Little Wright Family

Punky & Carla
Carla, Tammy and Isabelle

What a cute little Baby Cousin Carla has!

Wednesday morning, Papa reads to Carla.

Laxing on the living room floor.

Carla's coloring is looking so good.

Wednesday night, Carla visits with her baby cousin.

Cousins :)

Saturday night's game!

Cody, playing D, he is #15

Running the ball.

Looking for a play.

Carla sits with Uncle Tom.

Playing ball

Santa, Carla and I.

Leaving the Jade Garden.

My Big Brother Adam, and his new wife, Jennifer, drove up from Idaho. They look cute in this picture.

After lunch we visited Katy and her boys. Here Carla is sitting with Drew.

Aren't they just the cutest :)

I think these two will be good friends for years to come.

Look at how Drew and Carla have the same coloring...before the Fontan Drew's lips looked SO pink compared to Carla's.

Tiff and Izzy-B at Roger and Tammy's house for Bobby's Birthday dinner.

The Birthday Boy and his cake.

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