Christmas, etc.

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday. This was the first year that Carla was really old enough to understand opening presents, and she opened so many that she had to quit before she was done....I scooped up the 3 leftover presents and will save them for her birthday. Note to self...2 year olds don't need a ton of presents. Hee hee.

Christmas Eve we started a new tradition and went to my Dad and Sue's for dinner and presents. In years past we had always gone to my Grandparent's Harrington's house for Christmas Eve. But, starting last year my Grandma wasn't well enough to put on Christmas. I'm pretty sure last year we had a very low key Christmas Eve but this year we traveled to Helena and had it with My Dad, Sue, Grandma Morgan, Aunt Bernie, Adam, Jennifer, Andy & Bill. It was amazing. Sue out did herself with a lovely prime rib dinner, dessert and then we took pictures and opened presents.

Christmas morning Bobby's folks and little brother Thomas came over to open presents with us . I put the turkey on and then we went to their house, had breakfast and then opened more presents. Santa brought Carla a very cool little tikes kitchen and it was a pretty big hit! We had an early dinner, which turned out very successful. Later, when Carla was napping Bobby and I took the Christmas tree, etc. down to make room for Carla's kitchen! It has now become a permanent fixture in our living room....and we wouldn't want it any other way :)

Saturday at 2:00 Carla and I went back to Helena to attend a little reception for Adam and Jennifer and then I came home, got Carla to bed, put on a fresh coat of make-up and went to see Bobby play at the Loading Zone with his band No Real Future. I had so much fun! BUT was super tired yesterday with only 4 and a half hours of sleep...eeewww! I'm too old for that crap!

Last night Carla started coughing again, and so we gave her the inhaler and then she proceeded to puke, in my hands....she was up most of the night coughing. I really hope we can figure out what the problem is here.... Until then, we will just have to continue to deal with it. I feel so bad for her though when she gets so sick. And, if we could prevent it, it would be very nice.

Anyway, here are the pictures!

Love, Jen

Sue & Bill, carving the prime rib!
Grandpa, reading Carla's new book from Uncle Adam.

Jennifer, Adam & Bill

Grandma & Aunt Bernie.

Sue & Dad.

Our little Wright Family.

The happy couple.

Enough pictures already....

The boys...

The girls...

My little Morgan Family

Carla, all decked out in her bling, from Uncle Andy.

Tammy gets fuzzy socks!

Opening presents...

Papa & Cody.

Uncle Tom, helping Carla.

Would you like Chicken Nuggets, fries and water?

Making toast.

That will be $2.00


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The Simmons Family said...

I'm glad you had a GREAT Christmas!! Carla is getting so big.. everytime I see a picture she's grown a ton!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!!