Bobby's Birthday

As I sifted through and scanned hundreds of pictures this morning to make a slide show in honor of my sweet husband I came to two conclusions... 1) I should have done this yesterday; and 2) I LOVE my husband so much that there really aren't words to describe how much.

Bobby came into my life in February of the 7th grade. My Mom had just died and I was crying myself to sleep every night. What I instantly loved about Bobby was that he didn't seem to care that my Mom had just died. He didn't treat me weird or pity me, which is exactly what I needed. He also had a way of making me laugh. At a time when I cried myself to sleep every night it was sure nice to have someone in my life who treated me normal and made me laugh. Through the years Bobby has maintained his ability to make me laugh, and to basically make me the happiest wife I know. He has an uncanny ability to know just what I need and when I need it.

As well as being an amazing husband, Bobby is also an amazing Dad. So many times I have seen him talk to Cody and make everything clear as day, when I just didn't know what to say to help at all. And, I am pretty sure he is Carla's biggest hero. She can't get through the morning without taking time out to "Snuggle Daddy". And that's the thing about Bobby....he takes the time to cuddle Carla whenever she asks him to, even if he is busy. She loves this, and needs it so much.

Another thing I love about Bobby is his positive attitude. He goes out of his way to look on the bright side of life and therefore reminds others to do the same.

And if being an amazing husband and father wasn't enough, my sweet husband is also a ridiculously talented bass player, true and devoted son, brother and friend to many. I have actually had people come up to me and tell me how lucky I am to be married to him... and I'm like "Now wait a minute here! He is lucky to be married to me!" hee hee... Honestly though, I know how lucky I am, or should I say how blessed I am. Because I honestly believe that God had a part in bringing Bobby into my life both times when he did. And for that I thank Him every day.

So, Happy Birthday my sweet husband. I love you more than you will ever know.


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