Lazy days...

We have been having some lazy days... Carla's favorite thing to do is to snuggle either Mommy or Daddy. It is very sweet. Saturday night she started coughing again but after a day and a half of inhaler treatments every 4 hours she is better again. We are still at a quandary as to what the problem is, but are thankful that it goes away...now if it would just stay gone! I found some long lost pictures from Halloween, so will post them. love, Jen

Carla and Daddy, snuggling on the couch yesterday morning.
Snuggling Mommy on Monday....now this is a dream job!
Our little Bronco cheer leader.

Cody and Carla, being cute together.

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The Simmons Family said...

Carla is so adorable in every single picture.. I adore her!!