School Pics

We got Cody's school pictures back the other day! Here is a sneak peek at his handsome-ness. I was pretty excited this year that they actually let us buy a package that included a CD. So, this is the first year I was able to put his picture up without first scanning it. Woo hoo! The other picture is of Carla wearing Mommy's robe. She once again took one look at herself and said "I princess". I'm thinking she should have been a princess for Halloween. She is such a little girly girl. As for her health, she was coughing again night before last, but has gotten better since then. We are still trying to pin down what the problem is....the whole thing is somewhat frustrating. Cody has been healthy as a horse, thank the Lord. Here's to good health! Love, Jen

Cody 16 years, 10th grade....
Princess Carla....take a good look at her PINK lips....also she has lost about 2.5 pounds in water weight since we doubled up on her diuretics.

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