Friday Morning Update

Things are going back to normal here in the Wright Family. Cody is home, and it is just so nice to have him here. Carla really missed her big brother and takes every opportunity to show him what she is doing and he has been super attentive to her since his return home. I think he missed his little Sis too :) As far as Carla's health goes the doctors' adjustments seem to be working like a charm. Since the first time Carla took her inhaler she has been breathing clear, and taking really nice deep breaths. It is good. Her color looks a lot better and she seems to be doing well in general. Yesterday I weighed her and she was 1.5 pounds lighter than the day before...so we know the diuretics are doing their job. Also, her tummy is way smaller and not hard like it was. We are so thankful. Please keep Carla in your prayers as well as her Mom & Dad, so that we have the strength to cope with the ups and downs of being heart parents. Sometimes it is a difficult pill to swallow. Love, Jen

Good to have our sweet Sunny Son back home where he belongs.
Carla yesterday, see how pink her skin and lips are.

Carla found a pine cone on our adventures...she later took it to the park so that it could swing :)

Playing dress up... she had to show Cody and cheered "Go Cody!" to which he replied, "Go Carla!"

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