Our Family, back together again!

Carla's H1N1 antibodies were 10 days strong as of Friday. So, Cody FINALLY moved back home & Carla was able to visit her Grandparents. She was so excited to see her Grandparent's Wright Friday night and Saturday we went to Helena and she enjoyed time with her Grandparents Morgan. Bobby & I got to go out Friday night for his debut in a very cool dancy band called No Real Future and Saturday night for the debut of his 80's rock tribute band, Metal Steel. We had an amazing time and were sufficiently exhausted by Sunday morning. This afternoon we took Carla back to the doctor for the same symptoms she has been battling since the tail end of August. The doctor thinks she either has asthma or is in heart failure. Considering the fact that she is FULL of energy I am very sure it is not heart failure. But, we see the heart doc in the a.m. for a check up. Bobby had asthma as a baby, so it isn't a very far stretch that Carla would have it too. Darn it! I will let you all know more tomorrow after we see the heart doc.

Excited about going to Grandma & Papa's for the first time in months!
Dancing around in joy.

Enjoying Papa's lap.

Enjoying Grandma's lap! (She had her hair in a pop up sprinkler for the Educare Halloween party).

Happy Halloween! Carla was a Bronco Cheerleader, Bobby & I were an 80's couple.

Metal Steel Rocks the Edge in Helena.

I don't even know how my camera got this weird picture....but it is of Andy Rose. Metal Steel was all over the place to the point that it confused my camera.

Grandma Sue & Carla cuddled and read a book Sunday morning. Carla fell asleep :) It was so sweet.

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