Christmas Pictures, etc.

Carla spent the night with her Grandparents Morgan on Saturday night! She had an amazing time and loves Grandma Sue and Grandpa SO MUCH! Because Carla was with her Grandparents on Saturday Bobby and I were able to have a date night! It was awesome and I think we definitely need to do that more often. Cody went to the new Twilight movie with his friends and from what I could tell had a nice time as well. As a special treat on Sunday Carla and I were able to hook up with our old pals, Drew and Katy for a little lunch date. Drew is only a couple months older than Carla, so it was fun to watch them interact with each other. Katy and I have been friends since middle school. It was fun to find out we were both pregnant at the same time and even more fun to watch our kids grow up together. Today I was back to hunting for the 2nd dose of Carla's H1N1. I called the Cascade County Health Department, which was totally useless...so then I called the Lewis and Clark County Health Department. They called me back and I was able to make an appointment to get Carla her 2nd shot today at 3:15! We had to wait around for a while but I am so pleased to have the H1N1 hunt scratched off of my list of things to do! Another thing I scratched off the list today was taking Carla's Christmas pictures. I like to send pictures of the kids out with Christmas cards, I have Cody's school pictures but needed some pictures of Carla. I thought about taking her to Sears again this year but then decided I would just do them myself. I think they are just as good as Sears' pictures. I am posting the final 13 pictures and would like some feed back on which ones you think are the best. I'm having a hard time deciding. Thanks for your help! Love, Jen

Carla, holding Thanksgiving decorations :)

Carla, pretending it is nap time.

Reading with Grandpa...she looks really tired.

Getting buckled in with Drew.

Hi there!

Having someone your own size to talk to is Awesome! :)


pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

pic 5

pic 6

pic 7

pic 8

pic 9

pic 10

pic 11

pic 12

pic 13


The Smith's said...

All the Christmas pics are great but I have to say #10 is my favorite! What a sweet girl!

Glad to hear you found Carla her second dose! We get Luke's second dose tomorrow. Yea!


Anonymous said...

4 and 7 are my favorites! Shelly

Naomi Gesler said...

What a doll! you are so very right, sears couldn't have captured her better!I love #2 and 10.
Having H1N1 marked off is a HGE relief...I know glad it is done for Carla!
Naomi Gesler

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny! We were so happy to visit your blog and see your beautiful family. We miss you and love you very much! Happy Thanksgiving!

April and Jerry Heitzman