Cardiology Update

We went to see Dr. Ruggerie this morning. He is pleased with how Carla is doing on her double dose of diuretics and therefore is not going to change anything for now. She weighed 30.4 pounds and her O2 saturation level was 89. She has lost 2.5 pounds in water weight and we think that it is a very noticeable amount. Her face is thinner, her belly is smaller, her legs look skinny and even her little feet don't look chubby anymore. It is weird, because I thought she looked normal before and now to me she looks very thin. Before her double diuretics her liver felt enlarged, and the doc said today that it feels better. So, these are all good things. I'm just glad that she is feeling better and that she has a lot of stamina and good sats. Here's to good heart health! As far as everything else goes... Cody is doing well in school, we got his report card and were very proud of him. He starts basketball practice on Monday and his first basketball games start on December 5th. I am looking forward to watching Cody play ball again. It is always so fun. This year I MAY even be able to take Carla to some games. She loves watching basketball on TV with her big brother, so hopefully she would do good at a game. We will see :) Love, Jen

Cody, Sunday afternoon :)
I lus you Daddy!

Mommy, come and give us a hug!

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