The Cardiology Scoop

We took Carla to the Cardiologist this morning. He listened to her, felt around on her belly, gave her an echo, we informed him as to what the pediatrician said yesterday and that giving Carla the albuterol inhaler before bed last night worked like a charm. Here's the scoop: Carla's heart is functioning "as expected" what that means I'm not quite sure....her fenestration is popping off a little bit*, which suggests that the pressures in her heart are a little high, which would explain both why her liver is a little harder and larger than it was 2 months ago and why her stomach is distended. As far as the phlegmy cough goes he thinks that she has had some kind of irritation...whether that be viral or allergy time will only tell. But for now here are the solutions: 1) instead of 2 ml of lasix one time a day she will take 2 ml of lasix and 2.5 ml of aldactone twice a day; 2) she will use the albuterol inhaler 3 times a day for 10 days; 3) we will see him again on the 20th of November and review how she is doing. Carla was super cute and friendly at both her doctor appoint yesterday and her 2 hour cardiology appointment today. During her echo she had a hold of my neck the whole time, and we laid there watching Snow White. She didn't resist too much, but most definitely was not going to let go of my neck. The doctor said that after the Fontan it just takes a while to find the right coctail of medications to suit the child. I hope that this new cocktail will work! Love, Jen * You may remember after Carla's Fontan the docs thought her fenestration closed on its own...apparently not!

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