My Big Brother gets Married!

Saturday, October 10, 2009, my sweet big brother, Adam, married the love of his life, Jennifer Barnas, in the beautiful Maui, Hawaii. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but was able to obtain pictures from my awesome step-mother, Sue. I am so pleased that Adam found such a lovely, beautiful woman to spend his life with and wish them all the happiness in the world. Here are the pictures :) Love, Jen

Adam & Jennifer

Sue and my awesome step-brother, Bill.

Isn't she lovely.

My Dad & Sue, I love this picture so much!

Dad & Adam. I love these guys so much.


Dad, Bill, Adam's buddy Clint, and Adam.

Visiting with the minister.... Adam looks so relaxed and happy :)

Sue & Jennifer's Mother.

The beautiful place settings...they had 17 guests.

Ahh, the beginning of the wedding...

Talking to the couple.

The lay ceremony...

I love this picture.

The water ceremony..

Such a happy couple...

You may kiss your beautiful bride!

The happy couple and parents.

Dad plays his guitar.

Aren't' they adorable. Look at that beautiful dress!

I absolutely LOVE this shot of Sue. The water snuck up on her ;)

My beautiful new sister.

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