A little story. . . .

The year was 1988, the grade, 8th. I had worked and worked on getting my hair into a perfect side pony tail...because let's face it, whether we want to admit it or not, the side pony tail was cool in the 80's. So, as I finished and admired the perfection I had just spent a great deal of time on, I stood proudly and asked my Dad "How do I look?" to which he, in an attempt to be funny, replied. "Lopsided." Oh Dad! Can you just feel my 13 year old eyes rolling at him :) So this morning, as I pulled Carla's hair into her first side pony tail, I couldn't help but think of my Dad and his response to my first side pony :)

The next sequence of pictures were taken as I tried to experiment with the manual settings on my camera. I think they turned out pretty cute.
Feeding Naked Barbie "lunch"

Carla, talking and being silly...

She was so amused with herself that she burst out in laughter,

I have rediscovered my curing iron. After a couple of years without curl....I have gone back to curling my hair :)

After eating an entire cupcake :)

Carla is teething again... yes, I've decided her 2 month long sickness had more to do with teething than anything else. She was better for a short period of time but then last night, after I told a friend she wasn't sick anymore, the same exact stuffy nose symptoms accompanied by a rash on her face were back. I'm sure it has something to do with molars. She is so funny though! Last night around 11:00, literally seconds after puking, she looks at me and says "I happy." After the puking episode she took a shower, brushed her teeth, got dressed, had her bedding changed and went back to bed. After about 10 minutes she came to sleep with me. Around 12:06 a.m., she puked again, showered again, brushed her teeth again, and we changed our bedding again...she coughed, and coughed and tossed and turned all night long. This morning she got up at 6, looks at me and says "I sleep good." Meaning, she slept well. Yes, we must have the ultimate optimist living with us :)

15 minutes before her nap, Carla just couldn't stay awake another minute. I hope she takes a super long nappy today....poor baby!


The Taylors said...

Oh I love the side-pony, When I do Kylie's like that my hubs says "Deb" off of Napolian Dynamite. I think it is ADORABLE! I love your hair too. Looks fantastic, Its hard to find time to even use a curling iron these days. I usually hat it. LOL Love the pictures Carla reminds me of Kylie so much the same brown hair and big brown eyes. Love the pictures!

The Smith's said...

I LOVE that she said "I sleep good". That is something Luke would totally say after we ALL tossed and turned all night. We had a night like that on Monday night since Luke had a super-stuffy nose. Too funny!

And oh, I can so relate to the hours spent getting the pony-tail JUST right!

I added Carla to our Heart Friends list! Have a great rest of the week!