I Princess...

I have this old coat, 22 years old to be exact. It's not much for looking at but it is a warm coat. Honestly though, I would not have ever kept the coat all of these years if it didn't have some sentimental value. It was the coat that my Grandma Morgan bought for my Mom the winter that she died. The cancer had bloated my Mom's belly, which made her unable to fit properly into her normal coat. My Grandma took her to the mall and bought her a coat that would keep her warm and cover her belly. After my Mom died there were a few things that I kept of hers, this coat was one of those things. Yesterday it started snowing, but it wasn't windy or anything. So, I put Carla's coat on her and grabbed my Mom's old warm coat to go outside and let the snow fall on Carla's face....which she LOVED by the way. Later in the evening Carla was running around naked and I asked her if she wanted to try on my coat. She says "Oh! Okay!" and I helped her into my Mom's old coat. A few minutes after she had it on Carla came up to me and proclaimed, "I princess." I just thought it was so amazing that my sweet Carla was wearing her Grandma Carla's old coat and feeling like a princess.

I princess...
This morning looking at a book...LOOK AT THOSE LASHES!

I must have read this book to Carla 20 times today :)

She really liked it!

Carla and I went for a little drive today....you know, she couldn't forget her purse.

My little beautiful.

Getting ready to leave :)

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