Our July started out with Carla being sick :(  She had a bacteria in her lungs and it hit her hard on the 3rd and 4th of July.  Luckily, after sleeping almost all day (and 3 antibiotic treatments) she was well enough to enjoy fireworks!!!  

The 3rd of July, feeling sick, but looking very grown up...

The 4th of July... Carla literally slept all day.
After sleeping all day, Carla woke up around 9:00 p.m., ready to enjoy some fireworks.  We were so incredibly thankful that she felt well enough to enjoy the holiday!

Lighting fireworks with Daddy.

So excited!

Snuggling up Papa.

Super excited!
On July 7th we went to Helena to visit with my Dad and Sue and take a few pictures, here are a couple of pictures from the day.
Carla, on Mount Helena

Our little Wright Family (minus one) on Mount Helena.
Later that evening, we flew out with Cody to celebrate his 24th birthday in Vegas!  Not a lot of kids want to go to Vegas with their folks, but Cody is not an ordinary guy.  So, we flew out for a weekend adventure.
On our flight.

Headed to Vegas!
We spent the 8th walking about a thousand miles, had a delicious dinner, went to see a Chris Angel show and finally to Fremont Street to zip line.  It was a fabulous day!
Celebrating Cody's birthday :)

Our buddy, Barry, who lives in Vegas, with Tom and Mandy. 

Dinner selfies with my love!

Enjoying Fremont street, with our photo bomber, Tom.

Loving this life together.

"The Kids" We are so blessed that they think we are cool enough to hang out with.

Cody and I, getting ready to buy zipline tickets... We had to purchase for the next day, because we wanted to go on the high line and it was all booked up for the night.
On Cody's birthday, we went back to Fremont Street so that we could go zip lining.  It was fabulous and Bobby took a couple of pictures for us.  Cody and I are on the right...

While we were on Fremont Street we found this Pikachu for Carla ... He then proceeded to "do Vegas". :)


And levitating...  He learned that from Chris Angel
As fun as Vegas was, it is always THE BEST to get back home to this little Nukum.
Being super weird nerds together :)

She is so silly...

And Beautiful ...

Before bed the other night, Bobby decided to serenade us.  The dog was impressed :)
On Sunday, the 16th, we took Carla to her very first live theatre production.  We saw Tarzan, the musical, at the Grand Street Theatre in Helena.  It was absolutely fabulous, but watching her experience it was even cooler.  She clapped vigorously, laughed out loud and cried during the sad moments. She absolutely loved it!  

Last Thursday, the 20th, Carla woke up crying with a fever.  We took her to the doctor, did x-rays and labs and came to the conclusion that her left lung was infected.  Most likely we didn't kick the bacteria the first time around and after a 10 days it was back.  We have started her on a different antibiotic and will do a 20 day course, instead of 10. Hopefully that will do the trick.

Next Wednesday Carla has another biopsy in Seattle.  I am confident that it will be good news, because she has had lower heart rates and higher oxygen saturations lately.  I'm sure the stent in February made her heart healthier.  

I cannot believe that the summer is more than half over, and that Carla will start school again on the 22nd of August :(. I wish the summer could last forever.  We will get one last adventure in before school starts though, we are going to Casper, WY to witness the solar eclipse.  It's going to be super cool!  

Love, Jen


Summer Fun!

Carla has been out of school since May 25th and we've been having a lot of fun! She is NOT  a child that likes to be rushed or to have busy days, but we have been able to get her a little busy anyway ;)  

I can't believe that 3rd Grade is over!  This was a great year for Carla.  She had an absolutely top notch teacher, great friends and wasn't hospitalized for a cold or pneumonia at all! She has also gone through quite a growth spurt!  Here she is on the first and last days of school this year...

Making ourselves late for school taking pictures ;)

Carla with Mrs. Price.  Words cannot express what a fabulous lady this is. She took away so much of my anxiety because she was really tuned in to what was going on.  I will miss her immensely, and so will Carla.   

The last week of May, my sweet cousin, Rina, flew in from California to spend the weekend sitting with and visiting with Grandma Morgan.  I was able to get away for the day and spend it with the two of them.  We are so blessed to have such an amazing family.  Rina and I had a great time both with each other and with Grandma.  One of the gals who works at Grandma's assisted living home took this photo.

One of the things that we have done this summer is going for walks. On this day Carla wasn't exactly what I would call "thrilled" to go for a walk.  But we still ended up having a good time, and Mario got to claim the town as his own...

Later that day Carla came to me and asked me to help her build a Harry Potter hidey hole.  This is her closest (under the stairs).  Now she has a nice place to lay and read...

On Bobby's day off from work, we like to go and visit his Aunt Candy, who is in an assisted living home in Great Falls.  Aunt Candy is very artistic and Carla has enjoyed getting some drawing tips from her.  :)

Carla, taking Aunty for a ride.

She was showing us the view.

Drawing tips...
One of the fun adventures we have gone on this summer was bowling.  It has been a few years since we have bowled.  I was good for about one game and then my wrist didn't cooperate so there were lots of gutter balls!  This was a lot of fun and we will do it again soon! 
Proud of herself.


Having fun :)
Another adventure we have tried out again has been Roller Skating!  There are no pictures of that, but I will tell you this, it's a lot harder than we remembered... And a really good core strengthener.
Carla and Shorty... Carla calls Shorty her "spirit animal" because she is calm, slow and lovable.  
June 5th was my brother, Andy's, birthday.  We went up to Helena, had dinner and then back to Dad and Sue's for cake and ice cream.  After the treats we all went to see Grandma.  She is such a sweetheart and always loves it when she gets company.
Blowing out candles...

Visiting Grandma

I had to go to the dentist, so Bobby and Carla had a Daddy daughter date and then went to visit Aunt Candy.  Carla enjoyed this super yummy chocolate shake :)

Having fun the other day :)
Carla was being so silly the other day and I just happened to grab my phone ...

She is such a joy in our lives.
Last Friday, Bobby filled in with a 70's tribute band.  We got him all dressed up, they sounded fabulous and I had an absolutely fabulous time!

For Father's Day we had a nice BBQ with my Dad, Sue & Andy, Bobby's family as well as Mandy's folks.  For some reason we didn't take any pictures, but everyone had a fabulous time!  

This week the pool opened up, so we have gone a couple of times.  Carla loves the pool, and I enjoy visiting with the other Moms while she swims :)  

Next Sunday, Bobby, Carla and I will head over to Missoula for a heart checkup on Monday.  We intend to have  a little bit of fun while we are there.  We did labs this past Monday and everything looked perfect, so that's always good news. 

On July 7th, Bobby, Cody, Tom, Mandy and I will head out to Vegas for Cody's birthday weekend! We are going to see a couple of shows, eat some yummy food and enjoy ourselves.  

Carla's next heart cath/biopsy is scheduled for August 2nd, so we will try to squeeze a little bit of fun in on that trip too.  :)

Hope this finds you  happy and well!  

Love, Jen